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Wednesday 1st March 2023, 1-2PM EST

How You Can Succeed as a Leader of Young People

We all know we can’t succeed as leaders without younger workers. But so much is written about Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and all the rest that it can seem as if we’re dealing more with algebra than human beings.

What is the reality? Is there really any difference? And how can you succed as a leader and a worker in the modern workforce as younger people continually join, and older workers retire?

Professor Rebecca Razavi works with young people for a living. She is the head of the Southern Management Entrepreneurs’ program at Montgomery College, a prestigious program in Maryland for young and rising leaders. These are the people who will run the companies and government departments of the future.

Escape all the theories and listen to a real expert talk from experience about what younger workers really want, what traps to avoid, and how you can be a notably successful leader of young people. You will leave with five insider tips on how younger workers can be a part of your own success story.

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This is our way of giving back, at a time when leaders have both the space and the need for new approaches.

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