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Wednesday 4th October 2023, 1-2PM EST

Why People Rebel – The Psychology Of The Insider Spy

Every manager and leader knows that we’re in an era of pushback against employers. Saying “no” to workplace requests has become commonplace and even fashionable, and it has left many well-intentioned bosses and senior leaders wondering what they did wrong.

Dr David Charney is a celebrated psychiatrist who assessed the notorious FBI spy Robert Hanssen, in perhaps the most well-known example of lashing out against an organization in recent history. Dr Charney’s in-depth psychoanalysis was a part of Hanssen’s trial for espionage, and led to David forming strong views on the underlying motivations for workers “acting out”.

Join us for an insider view into the psychology of pushback against work, and for some expert advice on what you can do as a working leader and manager to stop it getting out of control. Dr Charney will provide you with five key insights into workplace pushback that very few leaders are aware of.

Don’t miss this chance to hear from a world-class expert with a truly unique perspective.

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