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No PowerPoints. No lectures.


Team Results is an organizational productivity improvement company that uses 21st -century ideas proven in the modern business and government workplace.

Our services all consist of various types of tailored programs delivered at a range of venues – including your preferred venue – in the form of one-day to two-and-a-half-day retreats, with or without overnight stays.

Practice Is The Best Preparation

PowerPoint presentations, lectures and team-building games do not prepare people for leadership. Only practice and rehearsal do that.

Top organizations like IBM, Pfizer, Toyota, the State Department, DHS, the FDA and many others rely on Team Results to run one-of-a-kind, practice-based teamwork and leadership programs. Now you can share in the benefit.

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Crocodile Charlie’s Challenge


Can you make the right leadership decisions and get your performance bonus? (Based on our global Penguin bestseller,“Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail”)

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A Man Called Phud

Owen Phud. We were at a corporate reception. It was the usual cast of manager types and specialists in various fields, everything from computer software to team dynamics. I was the team dynamics guy. Music was playing. There were drinks. People were eating tiny things on sticks.

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